Bal's Personal Journey

Our promise to you at KISMET Nutrients For Vitality…Unique, Premium-Quality Nutrients Aimed To Give You Results You Are Looking For…

There are many thousands of options available in the nutritional supplement marketplace, and we at KISMET Nutrients understand just how difficult it can be to choose what’s best for you. 

What makes KISMET Nutrients different:

  • Our scientifically researched formulas have only the most bioavailable, all natural ingredients
  • Transparent with labeling which means you know exactly what you are putting into your body
  • We firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to maximize their performance with premium quality dietary supplements

Here are some questions to consider.  How are you taking care of your health? Do you take natural supplements? Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise and/or take weight loss supplements?  Do you take time for yourself? How about celebrating your health and being proud of it? Do you feel run down and no energy with all the life’s stresses surrounding you? Do you sleep well? Do you take probiotics? Do you do a detox regularly?  Do your joints feel achy? Do you feel focused? How about being an example for younger people and taking a positive, happy, healthy attitude towards yourself and nutrition? 

We recognize the value and importance of good health through nutritional supplements, nutrition and exercise

How do we do this?  KISMET Nutrients supplement product line is specialized so that we can focus on the importance providing nutrients that your body needs that you may not always get through nutrition.  Do you get overloaded with all the different choices out there?   We offer a unique and superior quality natural supplement product line to address, candida, detoxing, joint support, sleep, cognitive, anxiety and stress, weight loss, men’s health and women’s health.

Each product contains the most powerful nutrients in its class.  Each supplement is proven through scientifically advanced research to really work. Most people literally feel the difference within only a few short days to a few short weeks, depending upon which of these KISMET Nutrients supplements they choose to take.

Do you believe in maintaining good health?  With good health we can live longer, avoid devastating chronic diseases and a have happier healthy lifestyle.  We also know it can be quite difficult to get the right nutrition and exercise regularly when you are always busy with work and multiple life demands. This is where we at KISMET Nutrients natural supplements can help provide you with balancing life complexities with healthy choices for maintaining good health.

KISMET Nutrients adheres to a simple formula for staying healthy:  follow a healthy diet, engage in some form of exercise and consume the right amount of nutrients.

Wanting good health and feeling vibrant.

Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle?  We are ready to be our best, to be us! Being healthy and vibrant is about committing to a healthy meal plan, doing some fitness and getting the natural supplements like KISMET Nutrients your body needs. Are you ready to reveal yourself and becoming the person you want to be?

My own personal challenges with health…

My journey focusing on the importance of health came from growing up in a household where proper nutrition, exercise and nutrients were an integral part of my life.  I followed that regime throughout my life and to this day.  But my life wasn’t always easy… I faced many health challenges throughout my life. 

I have 3 amazing healthy kids, but my pregnancies had their challenges. For example during my first pregnancy I almost doubled my weight and ended up with health issues and had to be bed rested for the last trimester.   Through healthy eating, exercise and taking natural supplements it took me a year to get my health back.

Then by the age of 31 I got diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my thyroid and had surgery to have my left thyroid was removed.  Then by the age of 43 I had a uterine cyst and had to have a partial hysterectomy operation.  I thought that was the end of my operations, but then I had to get another operation at the age of 46 to remove another cyst that was hidden behind my ovaries.

There were some definitely rocky times with my health…but I tried to stay positive and never gave up.

Knowing the importance of health is why I am so passionate and advocate the essence of being healthy, because without our health we truly don’t have anything meaningful.   I shared with you some of the health challenges I have faced, but throughout it all I maintain 3 virtues: healthy eating habits, exercise, and nutrients through natural supplements.  And this is why I created KISMET Nutrients for vitality… KISMET means destiny and I believe health should be a part of that destiny in all of us.  

Delivering you the Health Benefits Everyone Else Merely Promises!

At KISMET Nutrients, we are personally driven to provide you with premium-quality ingredients aimed to give you the results that you’re looking for.  Having the right premium-quality natural ingredients means greater health and vitality for you.

In choosing a supplement, we apply all the knowledge and experience and scientific research, in deciphering the long list of ingredients and eliminating what is unsafe or not necessary.  This is why we have chosen to introduce the KISMET Nutrients powerful natural supplement product line that addresses candida, colon, cognitive, anxiety/stress, sleep, weight loss, men’s health and women’s health.

Our mission is to actually deliver to you the health benefits that everyone else merely promises!

It's about health, it's about vitality, it's about you